Heart and Soul Ceremonies

Making a Smudge Stick


Creating your own smudge allows you to forge a deeper connection with the spirit of the sacred plants used in smudge, making your rituals and ceremonies even more meaningful.



Selection of chosen plants, a sharp knife, sturdy stick, candle matches, a little tobacco or cornmeal, coloured threads (embroidery threads work well or animal hide.



1.      If possible, pick herbs fresh from the wild. Dried herbs will flare too easily. However, you can combine fresh and dried herbs if necessary

2.     Try to gather your herbs as they come into bloom during waxing moon. Approach the plant with respect and ask its spirit for permission to use it in your smudge. Cut the plant with a sharp knife (you will need pieces around 8 to 12 inches long)

3.     Gather your material together and light a candle, asking the spirits of the plants you have gathered to help make powerful smudge.

4.     Take a sturdy stick as a base. Arrange the other stems around it. Keep the dried herbs on the inside. Add the cornmeal and tobacco.

5.     Take a piece of thread or animal hide and tie it around the stick, starting at the bottom. If you want to add dried herbs that are powdered or crashed, you can put these on the inside of the smudge stick as you start to bind the bundle.

6.    Tie your smudge stick quite firmly. The thread should reach at least halfway up the length of the stick.

7.     Now hang your smudge stick by the tied end somewhere warm until it is almost dry, but not totally moisture free.








Plants to use in Smudge Sticks



Confusingly, the sage most used in smudge sticks is not culinary sage but sagebrush; it transforms energy and brings change.



You can also use culinary sage to bring wisdom and healing.



Attracts positive energy. You can buy sweetgrass in braids- simply snip off little for your smudge stick.



Restores balance and creates a peaceful atmosphere. Lavender also attracts loving energy and spirits.



Deeply purifying, especially useful for clearing negative emotion and healing



Stimulates psychic awareness and prophetic dreams, it also banishes evil spirits.



Used to purify and create a safe and sacred space.


Yerba Santa                                                    

Used to purify and to set and protect boundaries